About Us
About Us

Brown Gems more than 10 year old company having extensive, expertise and experience in Diamonds Industry. One of the largest purchasers of brown diamonds and known around the world for our ethical standards, we are the direct source for fresh cut, ideal cut diamonds 5 carat and under. We buy only conflict free, natural polished diamonds from only the most reputable sight holder companies and regularly test our supply chain – more important now than ever before. We are one of few companies to offer brown color diamonds.

We will be pleased to serve you. if you have any queries do not hesitate to Contact Us.

We hope you will give us on opportunity to serve you. We are looking forward to have mutually rewarding long term relationship on mutual trust, co-operation and understanding.

Our Vision

As one of the biggest supplier of brown diamond, our aim is to deliver the highest possible return to all our stakeholders: from customers to suppliers to employees. Fulfilling stakeholder expectations is a responsibility we take very seriously. We continuously strive and innovate to outperform both ourselves and our competitors. We feel proud ourselves in providing responsibly sourced and ethically manufactured diamonds and by setting some of the highest product and service standards based on our core values: Transparency, Trust, Tenacity. It is these values that enables us to forge diamond-like unbreakable relationships driving long-term value for both ours and customer’s businesses.

Our Mission

To continuously grow and prosper in a well aligned culture that’s infused with positive energy. To consistently strive at achieving greater excellence at what and how we create.